Watch As 17-year Old Kids Dramatically Pick Up Hats

Two high school All-American games are being broadcast this weekend, and a whole slew of Michigan hopefuls are in action.  Watch with bated breath as someone will shun us, someone will surprise us, and someone will embark on the road to becoming the next Anton Campbell.  Varsity Blue has a list of interested teens that you should print out and adorn with check marks draw lines through as each makes their decision LIVE during breaks in the Pro-Bowl-like action.  Just kidding.  You actually shouldn't even watch because signing day is actually over a month away, and until pen hits paper, you really don't know.

Because you can't trust someone that hasn't had lap dance.

US Army All-American Bowl, January 3rd at noon, NBC

ESPNU Underarmour All-America High School Football Game, January 4th at 2pm, ABC