Michigan welcomed a new defensive coordinator today.  Former Syracuse Head Coach Greg Robinson takes the reins from Scott Schaffer...who is now the defensive coordinator at...wait for it...Syracuse.  Weird.

Scott Schaffer was relieved of his position because he sucked and gave up 100 points per game and he and RichRod didn't see eye to eye.  This isn't about experience, of which Greg has all kinds (and 2 Super Bowl rings).  This is about becoming a "yesman."  I'm supposed to believe that Greg Robinson has decided to become RichRods bitch?  Hmmmm.  Robinson is 12 years his senior, two hunks of gold from the pinnacle of professional football, and has a Masters in Oratory Arts...basically an advanced degree in bullshitting.  They say you can't bullshit a bullshitter, so how are they going to even communicate?  I want to know how this hire happened.  Open interview?  Do they know each other?  What is the connection?  What made Rich Rod think that this was the guy besides a resume that looked a lot better in 2003?

It might sound like I'm angry or disappointed, but I'm not...I'm just curious.  Curious as to why this guy was chosen, and why this guy chose Michigan.  His stint in college football has been less than successful, and he probably could return to the NFL in some capacity without much trouble.  Maybe he, with his amazing oratory skills, just really enjoys the recruiting trail.  I just don't know.  But I'm not supposed to know...not until September 5th.

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Meanwhile, the cagers are in Happy Valley (2.5 point dogs at that!) and they're wearing the golds on the road.  BTN...right now.