The End is What Will Matter

These first half deficits are getting a little tedious.

These last two weeks have been horrible.

This Ohio State dominance in the two "money" sports has gone beyond pissing me it's just, just sucks.

There's a kind of "we've been figured out" feeling floating around, a feeling that goes back to the Big Ten opening spanking we took at the hands of the Badgers.  Not that the system we're running is futile, but is less than optimal with the horses we have in the race.  This coupled with our pre-Big Ten "superstars" often becoming mere mortals in the face of conference competition has given us the poor results we are enduring.  Results that seem more like the norm than beating Duke or UCLA.

But you can't take away the strides we've made.  You can't discard those victories.  Those are team builders.  And under Coach Beilein, maybe they can find a new way to get things on track.  Because if you start hot, and you end hot, no one will remember that you stumbled in the middle.

Nearly all of the big conference games are in front of us.  I hope, at the least, that it's an interesting ride.