Mass Debate? I Don't Think So

This entire Bowl Season has sucked.  Why?  Because we were not in it.  I've watched, perhaps this year more than any other due to the lack of a bowl trip to manage.  No sightseeing Orlando, Pasedena, or the Riverwalk over the holidays, only the quiet comfort of riveting contests like the Poinsettia Bowl to calm my nerves as we wait for recruits to commit and decommit...and the arrival of a new defensive coordinator.  I think I would have had a better time attending the world championships of beer pong.  I can't figure out how it isn't televised on ESPNU.  Anyway, the season, while over for us on November 22nd, and over for most by Jan 1, ended for everybody tonight.  Florida won the BCS championship game on Thursday 24-14, but in this era of hope and change, some other one-loss schools (USC/Utah/Texas/Boise) have staked a claim.  Here's why no one but Florida has a leg to stand on.

USC: Lost a game at home to Oregon State.  Oregon State lost to Penn State 45-14.  Lose to a team that lost to a Big Ten team...outta here.  Slight conundrum that USC dismantled Penn State in the Rose Bowl...but then again, they are automatically disqualified from NC contention for playing their bowl game against a team from the Big Ten and not winning by 35.  Sucks to be in the PAC-10 with that forced Big Ten matchup.

Utah: Plays in Mountain West Conference.  That should be enough.  But, they also only beat Michigan by 2 points....Toledo beat Michigan by 3 points.  Outta here.

Boise State: Play most games on Thursday nights.  Have a blue field.  Outta here.

Texas: Did not make their conference championship game.  Played a Big Ten team in their bowl game, and won by less than 35.  Outta here.

So, congrats to Florida and to Tim Tebow, who will likely end his career with only one bowl loss...