At Least He Isn't Crazy

Say what you want about Rich Rodriguez, I'm fairly certain he's never locked a player in the electrical closet and posted a guard outside.  That's what Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach did, and he probably would have got away with it if the player in question wasn't Adam James, the son of Craig James.  Yep, Craig James the ESPN announcer slated to provide commentary for the Alamo Bowl in which his son is participating.  Pretty sure that's already a conflict of interest, but now that he's behind the indefinite suspension of the head coach, that's just not going to work.  According to the worldwide leader, that announcer lineup has since been changed.

Then there's Urban Meyer, who retired two nights ago, then changed his mind last night and went on a leave of absence instead.  Sounds like there isn't anything physically wrong with him, and this is more about mental health than physical health....which in the end just makes Urban Meyer look like a pussy.  Which is good if you've got a wizard hat, some snake oil, and are willing to poach some kids under the guise of "who knows when that loon is coming back?"  Head on down there Coach Rodriguez...I like cornerbacks and safeties.