Just When I Thought We Ran Out of Tailgate Food Ideas...

Back on January 12th, the weekend roundup featured the BBQ Explosion from the genius folks at BBQAddicts.  Then the New York Times picked up on it (obviously because any self respecting NY journalist reads UMTailgate.com) and I received countless emails about how we need to make our own come tailgate season.  I wholeheartedly agree, but that is just one dish at one of eight (YES EIGHT) home tailgates.  What do we do to wow the crowd the rest of the season?

Enter This is Why You're Fat, a website dedicated to chronicling the biggest, most unique, and most calorie containing food available on the planet.  From the "Heart Attack Sandwich," which makes the Heart Attack Grill fare look like something you'd find at Whole Foods, to the alternate take on the BBQ Explosion, "the BBQ Explosion Wellington," everything included on the site has tailgate written all over it.  I mean, can you imagine a pile of Fry Daddy Frank's crispy sides adorning a Sloppy Joe on a Krispy Kreme?

Just something to look forward to while we wait for Spring Practice.

Also, the Spring Game is April 11th.  I'm down for a full tailgate for those interested.  But before I get too crazy, or take the grill out of storage, I would like to gauge some attendance.  Who's in?  Drop me an email message or a note in the comments.