Here's To You, Mr. Robinson

Okay, first things first.  Megan Fox is single.  That's the only stimulus package this nation needs.

Brian Austin Green has to be on suicide watch.

Adam Rittenburg caught up with new defensive coordinator Greg Robinson as part of his spring practice interview series.  Greg no doubt found a bargin home here in the state of Michigan, he's just having some trouble selling his old home in Syracuse.  Likely story these days.

This is probably a good time to be in the housing market, right?

Greg Robinson: It is. The problem with that is I've got one to sell in Syracuse [laughs]. We're trying to get it all solved.

Ahhhh, fluffingly funny Greg.  Enough with the pleasantries...tell Adam about last year's defense that I am certain you watched extensively on tape, or DVR, or whatever the kids are using these days.

I'm just trying to formulate some opinions as far as athletic ability. I'm not worried so much about scheme and those kinds of things as trying to see how people would fit in what we're doing and what we're attempting to do. That's really what it is, trying to get a feel as best you can of what the talent level is and how you can utilize different people.

Sugar coat much?  Those tapes have got to be making you want to puke.  Or laugh.  Or puke from laughing.  God I hope you are laughing at them.  Laughing at the crap scheme and misuse of players.  You should be thinking overhaul, not tweak.  You should see this.  For me to have confidence in you, you need to see these things.

My other concern is the Rodriguez-Robinson dynamic.  This interview didn't do a whole lot to calm my fears about a guy with Super Bowl rings taking orders from a guy with ten empty fingers.  He made sure to mention his bevy of experience when asked about the 3-4 vs. 4-3 vs. other alignments...

I've done that, really, since I was at the New York Jets to the Denver Broncos to the Kansas City Chiefs to [University of Texas] and at Syracuse, where we have had some hybrid-type players who can play defensive end or linebacker. We'll continue to do those types of things.

Again, just concerned.  If he does take orders, if he does know his role, then his hiring could be a huge.  If he doesn't, we could have a clash, which is what we had last year,and that didn't work out so well.