Like a Moth to A Flame, I Am Attracted to #13's Blog

There's no hiding my extreme fandom for the greatest Ohio State running back in history.  Immediately you are thinking...OMG, a Michigan fan likes Archie Griffin?  Nope.  I have nothing but disdain for him and his two Heismans.  So, Eddie George?  Ha.  Don't think so.  I'll see your 104 yards and raise you Biakabutuka's 313.  My fav...Maurice Clarrett.  He won the Buckeyes the 2002 National Championship, challenged the NFL's rules to try to enter the draft after his Freshman year, gave a revealing interview about the inner workings of Ohio State athletics, and he is decidedly pro-Israel.  Unfortunately for Mo, Israel was not exactly pro-Clarrett, and that is what took him from us in 2006, out of the public eye, and into Toledo Correctional, where he'll be eligible for release in 2014.

I have often wondered how I, as a person so drawn to the life and times of Mo-C, was going to be able to get by until then.  I sometimes find myself sitting in my family room, bottle of Grey Goose nearby, whacking my coffee table with a hatchet, pondering my own existence while wondering what Mo is thinking or doing at that exact moment.  Has he made the other inmates his bitch?  Or has he succumbed to the sisters for in house protection, an extra squirt of toothpaste, and a poster of Lil' Kim.  He is just a 40 minute drive down US23 from The Big House, at a real life big house, and yet I know nothing about his daily activities.  With bunk beds, he and his cellmate must BE ABLE TO DO SO MANY ACTIVITIES!

And then it happened.

Could it be?  Could this be real?  Maurice Clarrett...blogging about life in the clink and offering up daily affirmations?!?!?!?  It can't be real.  It just can't.  The good Lord couldn't possibly want to bestow such a blessing upon me as a Michigan Clarrett fan.  I am not worthy.  He's letting us all inside The Mind of Maurice Clarrett (HT:Deadspin), and I couldn't be happier.

To be honest, if it does get proven fake...I'm still pretending it's real, just to get by.