It's Like the NFL Draft...Only It's Children. Giant, 4.3-Forty Running Children.

National signing day is here, which can mean a lot.  Scratch that, it DOES mean a lot.  Say what you want about the first year performance of Rich Rodriguez...the recruiting class that has been tentatively assembled by the snake oil wizard is tremendous.  Respect that, if nothing else.  If a few fringe non-verbals pull the trigger and LOI to the Maize and Blue...the hype machine will be full steam ahead.

Typically, the rich get richer on this day, as the best of the best from high school pick the best of the best football programs, continuing the cycle that keeps Utah outside of the BCS.

We are one of the rich...and we've got Rich.

We've morphed very quickly into a team that emphasizes national recruiting.  You can chalk up the perceived successful MSU recruiting class to the fact that we allowed them to have the home state.  Yes, the Big Ten can be won with a team comprised of the State of Michigan's finest.  But we didn't bring in Rodriguez to win the Big Ten.  And while we would be ecstatic at the idea of a Big Ten championship right now, that is not the ultimate goal here anymore.

Rebuild.  Eliminate Ohio State.  Win Bowl Games.  Win National Championships.  Yes, that order.  Yes, that's plural.

It all starts tomorrow....roundup of announcement times courtesy of The Wolverine.

Update (11:30am): Denard Robinson and Adrian Witty to Michigan.  Pearlie Graves to Texas Tech.  We are one step closer to no chance of Sherithreet.