Clemson Basketball Blog Notices Our Optomistic Schedule

Dude...have I ever posted this much in one day?  For those used to just one post per day...or every other day...or every other week...scroll down.  There's lots of content added since your last visit.  2009 Tournament Challenge information is available here.

Back to this post...

The OP, a Clemson basketball blog, has noticed that we've got a game scheduled for Saturday...which in some circles may be misconstrued as cockiness.  Well, sorry to "big boy" you fellas, but you have 8 total NCAA appearances and have never seen past the sweet sixteen...ever.  I laugh at your mediocrity, and I do so despite being on an eleven year tourney drought.

This is Michigan Basketball.

Thursday: Michigan vs. Clemson is PRIME TIME... 7:10pm!!!!