Weekend Roundup, Douche Edition: March 23, 2009

The internets you missed while watching the ultimate douche coach his team to the sweet sixteen.

  • The Prez had a slip of the tounge on Jay Leno, dropping a "special olympics" joke when referring to his bowling game.  This prompted the guy that bags my groceries to challenge Obama to a bowling match.  Seriously, this guy actually bags my groceries, and now he's on TMZ. [Deadspin - Special Olympian]

  • Spectacular flashback article in the daily on 1989.  Would have been a bit more meaningful before we got eliminated by the gingerbread man, but it's nice nonetheless.  [Michigan Daily - 1989 and Beyond]

  • Ann Arbor was ranked the city with the 5th highest quality of living by MSNBC.  [Ann Arbor Chronicle - A2:Ranking]

  • Michigan got the one-seed in the East in the NCAA Hockey Tournament.  They'll face off against Air Force on Saturday at 3pm in Connecticut.  [Maize N Brew - NCAA Hockey]

  • I've always wanted to be a Jayhawks fan.  Here's the Thursday/Friday schedule:  [Maize and Blog - NCAA Tournament Times and Announcers]