Get Your Calendar Out: Tailgate Themes 2009

September 5th, Western Michigan, 3:30PM, Boats and Ho's and The Catalina Wine Mixer

  • Are you ready to snap some necks and cash some checks?  Good.  This is the place to do it.  This nautically themed tailgate will christen our new spot.  We recommend donning sailor gear, and it couldn't be more appropriate as Ohio State takes on Navy that day.  Food will be somewhat seafood based, with a lot of appetizers and finger at a wine mixer...get it?  And wine.  Somebody should bring some wine.  It would also be advantageous to watch the movie Step Brothers before you come.

September 12th, Notre Dame, 3:30PM, 

The Luau
  • The Luau is a theme favorite that sat out a season due to some issues with the Mountaineers  Leis, pineapples, fruity drinks, Hawaiian shirts, and all the pig you can eat.

September 19th, Eastern Michigan, Noon, 

  • Our foreign exchange tailgater and official tailgate mascot will feel right at home for this Asian themed tailgate.  Egg rolls, fried rice, stir fry and the like will be on the menu.  And somebody should get some of those Chinese lanterns to hang all over the tents.

September 25th, Indiana, Noon, 

Mardi Gras
  • Wow, a tough month of tailgating ends with a bang as the Mardi Gras theme adorns Michigan's Homecoming.  I'm expecting beads, boobs, and cajun catfish.

October 17th, Delaware State, TBD, 

The Urban
  • Soul food, rap, 40-ounce beers, and the worst game we've ever scheduled.

October 24th, Penn State, TBD, 

Old School
  • Bring your high school yearbook for this impromptu reunion.  Wear clothes from your high school era, and expect banquet hall style fare.

November 7th, Purdue, TBD, 

The Lumberjack
  • I dream of this being an unlikely 3:30pm November kick because it's got all day cooking written all over it.  Likely fried turkeys at this one if time allows.  Otherwise, remember to wear your overalls.

November 21st, Ohio State, TBD, 

Soups, Stews and Chili
  • Nothing like a hot bucket of soup on a cold fall day.  I'd tell you what to wear, but you will probably have a heavy coat on over it, so it won't matter.