In A Month...

Practice starts Monday.  Real practice.  Not drills.  Not weightlifting.  Practice.  Gameplans are being set.  I saw Nick Sheridan's playbook and Western Michigan defense DVDs on the dash of his car this week (we park near each other), which is no doubt the creepiest way I have ever been inaugurated into a football season.  The time is now.  The coverage is weak.  The outlook? Grim.

And that's just how we like least that's how I like it.  It makes me have 1997 delusions of grandeur.  I envision a brash confident Michigan player, like Donovan Warren, walking into RichRod's office and telling him, let's just win all the games.  No pressure.  Projected underdogs looking forward to most matchups.  All victories shy of Delaware State and Directional Michigan are gravy, which is to say more than those three wins (yes, I'm still scared of WMU) means more wins than last year.  And if nothing else, we the fans require more wins than last year.  A bowl trip, something that has only eluded us once in the last 34 years, equates to a successful season in a year with 8 home games.  Great.

Looking at the statistics with respect to the rest of college football, which you can view here if you enjoy the acidic taste of a touch of puke in your mouth, you will find a team that has no where to go but up.  We now, in the face of mortality brought upon by 2008,  have no choice to appreciate what we had.  Hopefully this season, we can start to appreciate where we are going.

I'm glad to be along for the ride.

30 days.  Boats and Ho's and the Catalina Wine Mixer.  Be there.