Christmas Comes Early


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Thank goodness things got up and running...what a shame it was to not have the website up and running on such a monumental day!

Violations baby!  Violations!

Unfortunately, the powers that be, the same geniuses that think Cam Newton and his dad didn't talk about the signing bonus opportunities, have decided to stay the execution of The Buckeye Five until after the bowl game, holding them out of the first five games of the 2011 season.

Honestly, what I want is for them to forfeit the games in which the ineligible players participated, starting from whenever they sold off their trophies, rings, and jerseys for profit right up until they were finally coaxed into telling the truth.  But that's not going to happen.  Just like it didn't happen in 2002 when Maurice Clarett took cars and cash, or when Troy Smith took whatever he took that got him suspended from the Alamo Bowl in 2004.  They're dirty.  There's a history Ohio State...under Tressell.  I just don't understand why nobody wants to talk about it...

Except, that is, for Antonio Pittman.

In the end, the 5-game suspension will just be an excuse for most of these fellas to go pro, which is spectacular.  The Terrell Pryor era comes to an abrupt close, sans Heisman, and we file him in the cabinet right next to Ron Pawlus.  The only accolades Pryor ever received were preseason watch lists, which he likely printed out off of the internet, autographed, and sold.

Merry Christmas.