Rich Rodriguez: Michigan Man

The Victors Rally: A Celebration of Michigan Football took place on Sunday at the Michigan Theater.  Speaking on behalf of the current regime were Larry Foote, Gary Moeller, Jim Brandstatter, and Jerry Hanlon...among others.  Last year we were "All-In," so I guess that makes this year "The Re-Buy."  And while it may seem way too early to talk about the hot seat, and what it's going to take for Coach to stay or go, it's important to realize we're 6 weeks away from spring practice...and less than two months away from the April 17th Spring Game (which is slated to also be the spring reunion).

Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning all of this is because I am still behind Coach.  Some of you are too, and some of you are not.  I'm not judging.  I don't make the rules for Michigan fandom.  It's just that between the options of Les Miles, Ron English, Jim Harbaugh and Rich Rodriguez...I'll take Rodriguez every time.  So I hope and pray that things will turn around, under THIS regime, and soon.  So I give you this video of Coach's speech from the rally...  Still emotional.  Still committed.  Desperately trying to become a Michigan Man: