Twitter Thursday, A Primer

So...twitter.  I know most people think that it's a website where you do something akin to updating your facebook status, and that's where it ends.  But let me tell you, once you build a group of people in your feed, like esteemed bloggers, media members, and celebrities, you get a really nice ticker of things you are interested in.  And if something is going down or there's a game you want the inside info on, there's no better place to get up to the millisecond information.

During the Tuesday press conference on NCAA infractions, while everybody searched for a link to the video of it, I had it basically dictated to me by the staff of (@mikerothstein & @davebirkett) and (@PaulVBlue & @MgoBlog) through the magic of twitter on my cellphone.  It's raw, opinionated, and it's RIGHT NOW.  There's something to be said for getting your news this way, before it's swallowed up and regurgitated by assclowns like Drew Sharp.

Later that evening, while in attendance at the Michigan Basketball game vs. Illinois (worst. game. ever.) I was able to resist the urge to jump up and down for a slice of pizza and instead checked twitter on my phone during timeouts to get instant stats from Michigan Daily sports writer/editor Nicole Auerbach (@nicoleauerbach, @michdailysports)...things like "Zack Novak is 4-8 from three, and the rest of the team is 1-16," or useful opinions from @UMHoops like "Just a terrible half."

I interrupt this post to give you a real world example!  ESPN's Adam Rosenburg, @ESPN_BigTen on Twitter, just posted the following:

Final three MSU players plead guilty -

See, twitter can brighten your day!

Anyway, even if you never plan to update your status and contribute to the madness, I encourage you to get yourself an account, follow some people, and install TweetDeck on your PC for a streamlined interface to get the whole Twitter picture.  Rock on.

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