Live! Basketball! In the Middle of the Day!

From the Big Ten tournament press release...

For only the sixth time in conference history, three teams shared the Big Ten Championship. Michigan State, Ohio State and Purdue earned a share of the 2010 Big Ten crown after completing the regular season with identical 14-4 marks in conference action. The last time three teams shared the conference title was in 2002 when Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin ended the year at 11-5.  Ohio State also finished 11-5 in 2002, but later vacated their share of the title.

So, there was a three-way-tie for the title, and that means the tournament is gonna be Awesome (yes, with a capital 'A').

Michigan tips off at 2:30pm against Iowa, and it's the first game of the day, so you can count on the tip off to be on time.  So, if you get ESPN2 in your cubicle, you should be all set.  Actually, the audio and the video will probably show up on the internet somewhere...and someone will tweet about it.  I'll retweet when I get the details.

Winner plays The Assholes at noon on Friday.