Spartans and Prison, A Match Made in East Lansing

It was a busy day for Teflon Dantonio's boys.  Glenn Winston, formerly reinstated by the never criticized coach, was sentenced to his 2nd stint in the clink in less than a year.  He'll be doing six months for his role in the ski-masked raid of a campus residence building.  Allow me to bring in an impartial judge, Mr. Rittenburg of ESPN....

I keep thinking back to Dantonio's surprising decision to reinstate Winston in August. I'm not against second chances, and Winston, who comes from a very rough background, absolutely deserved one. But Michigan State took an enormous risk in bringing him back to campus, especially since his actions directly impacted another student-athlete (Sturges). As we now know, the decision totally backfired on Dantonio.

Yes, but learning from your mistakes is the most important thing.  I would imagine that next time, Dantonio will be more strict about who he lets back on campus.  Or not.  Today, 

Dantonio reinstated four players convicted in last year's residence hall assault.  So there's that.

Oh, and the best part....the headline in the Freep:  "Glenn Winston Apologizes for Role in Dorm Altercation."  Fuck you Mark Snyder.

But we're not done....

Mateen Cleaves, the pride of Spartyville, the better half and namesake of the Izzo lovechild, and the 2nd biggest NBA disappointment in history behind Shawn Respert,got arrested for DUI.  That my friends, is spectacular.

Sparty on fellas.