That Will Be All, Thanks

In between chants of "little sister" and "shut up Beilein," I wondered if things could get any worse.  It was 42-14 at that point...shades of Tommy Ammaker vs. Duke.  Then the announcers mentioned that Michigan hadn't beaten Michigan State in football or basketball since 2007.  That's pretty much three years ago.  I'm almost done with this shit.  Michigan falls to Michigan State 64-48.

Purdue and the Pricks were tied for the Big Ten title, and we helped the Assholes join them.  Great.  Michigan State and Ohio St are winning Big Ten titles...TOGETHER, and I'm wondering if we're gonna host any games in the CBIT.  By the way, that's a Big Ten title sweep for Ohio State.  Remember when Michigan won Big Ten titles in Football and Basketball in the same year?  No you don't.

So if you're keeping score at home...

...haven't defeated Michigan State in hoops or football since 2007

...can't beat OSU in football, last win in 2003

...won't make NIT after making NCAA tournament last year and only graduating walk-ons

...three Big Ten wins in 2 years in football

You can't polish a turd.  Happy Monday.