He'll Walk

Rich Rodriguez has a strict policy that he will only talk about players that play for Michigan.  He never commented on Terrell Pryor.  He didn't discuss Mallet's departure.

The exception to this rule is Brock Mealer.

Brother of Elliott Mealer, he was paralyzed from the waist down in a car crash.  That crash resulted in the tragic death of Elliott's and Brock's father and Elliot's girlfriend.

I've personally talked about this several times, but it is definitely a story that has flown under the radar locally despite it's appearance nationally on E:60 a while back.  Today, the Angel updates the inspiring story in the Detroit News.  This kid from Columbus is going to lead the 2010 edition of the Wolverines on to the field on September 4th...because of Rich Rodriguez and his staff.

"He'll walk," Barwis said firmly as a statement of fact, not as a hope or dream.

There was no agenda here.  This happened right when he got hired.  This isn't snake oil or a publicity stunt.  This is a good guy folks.