I Did Not Enjoy That

I felt that coming the whole time.  And I'm not the only one.  The doom was palpable in Crisler, with every missed free throw, with every missed lay in, with every missed opportunity, there was a growing sense that the other shoe was going to drop...perhaps not off the glass and in...but drop nonetheless.

Even more unfortunate is that I am completely numb to shit like that these days.  Yep, I'm a little dissappionted, but certainly not shocked.  I've seen 3-9.  You can't phase me. 

And this season is far from over.  We needed that one, but we didn't NEED that one.  And tournament or not, what has been accomplished here with the hand that has been dealt is special.  I'm a Beilein fan, and that's something I've never said before.  The future is bright, and as for the present, there is only one thing I want....a sweep of the Angry Midget's Minions.

Thanks to my old friend Mischa for the tickets, and to Cooper for the halftime upgrade.  I took horrible pictures...but I will share them anyway.  Denard sighting!