Never has so much been done with so little.  Never has a team grown up so fast.  If March madness was April madness, and this team was given another month to come together even more, they would be the last team opponents would want to face.  Amazingly, they will have another full year together in their current form.  What they can become is bounded only by their ability to adjust to being the hunted.  Sparty will be looking for revenge.  Big non-conference foes won't be ill-prepared.  No one will be surprised.  

But this era is not fleeting.  A real foundation has been built here.  The kind of foundation that is not defined by a player or a big name recruit, one that makes kids want to play basketball for Michigan.  The block M, the uniforms, the Beilein system.  An irresistible package deal.

Yes, my friends, Michigan basketball has returned.  Out from under the tarnished legacy of the Fab Five, Ellerbe's mishandling of "fab five 2," and Amaker's inability to get us to the dance...

It's been a long time.

So to the current iteration of Wolverine cagers, we say thank you.  Thank you for inspiring us, for making us believe that hard work and hustle is every bit as important as wingspan and height, and for laying the first set of bricks at the foot of the house that Cazzie built.