Cry Baby...Cry

I know I ignored the aftermath of the game in my brief recap yesterday.  Brian does an impressive job of summing up the absurdity of anyone questioning Darius for that last lay-in.  That lay-in was the only moment in which I felt relief.  Which means until that point the game was in question.  What's not in question is that Izzo is an asshole, a hypocritical, angry little midget asshole.

And speaking of assholes, particularly crooked ones...seems that Teflon Jimmy is about to get his wrist slapped.  Dan Wetzel dropped a "journalistic bomb of the Freep kind" tonight claiming that Tressell knew about the "Tattoos for Autographs" program about 8 months before the University claimed he did.  Honestly, at what point are they going to go back and read the old Maurice Clarett interview from ESPN the magazine and realize that all that shit really WAS happening.

From Dr Saturday...

 If Tressel (or anyone at OSU) knew about the violations at any point before last season and failed to move on the information, all five players could be declared ineligible for the entire 2010 season, all 12 wins they participated in vacated and Ohio State's share of the Big Ten championship revoked.

To be honest, I just love that the pot is stirred up again.  I know that nothing serious will probably happen to the Buckeyes, but the way the NCAA moved so fast for them, and let them play in that bowl game, after they made us lame ducks for a whole year over 20 minutes of extra practice?!?  They thought it was all over.  They thought they could finally put it behind them.  And here it comes again.  Just awesome.

Could things be going any better here in Ann Arbor?

Spring practice is starting in a couple weeks.  We just swept Michigan State in basketball, and Tressell is under further investigation.

Happy Fat Tuesday.