A little rain, a little cold, and definitely windy...but it was no Northwestern 2008.  We even managed to snag about 45 minutes of sun at the morning tailgate as overcast clouds parted to remind us that it was, indeed, spring.  It was a simple and sparsely attended event, fresh Brueggers and sausages seared on a portable grill, beers, captain and coke, cheese and crackers, and about 15 of us die-hards, just wanting a quick fix.  See some tailgaters, see the team, see Brady Hoke in shorts and a t-shirt charging at Will Hagerup as the lone rusher.

I'm pretty sure Hoke could still suit up.

Skeleton crew or not, it's always good to see the Godfather, Captain Michigan, Stephy, and even Goody.  It's even better to see Denard doing that Denard thing.  Despite the day resulting in what should be considered a resounding victory for a beleaguered defense...make no mistake, games will still be won by the man they call Shoelace.  No offensive system will contain him...neither will any opposing defense.

Here's the pictures: