On Tuesdays, Those Who Can't Do, Link...7-18-2011

  • Tomorrow, the guy you would have sold your soul to get to lead us is going to be featured on HBO's Real Sports talking about the coming NFL season and skipping over us to face off against his brother Thanksgiving weekend...the same weekend we play the cheaters.  It airs at 10pm on Tuesday.  AnnArbor.com
  • Oh Jim, it seems they always knew you weren't on the up and up.  Someone's got to pay for this...and you know who I think it will be?  Every single last one of you cheating bastards.  The hammer is coming.  Washington Post
  • And in traditional Ohio fashion, the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association are banding together to wear white shirts and ties for the first game of the season (USAToday Link).  What a tremendous message this will send to the youth.  It seems they want to honor Jim for all of the great things he did for Ohio football.  Somehow, they have taken his obvious ploy to get a leg up in recruiting as some type of philanthropy.  And I am so sick of hearing about all the great charitable things he's done.  He's supposed to do that.  He's basically a lotto winner.  Just know that he has never given like Glick, Lloyd or Charles, or even Braylon
  • The battle isn't over for Austin Hatch, so keep him in your prayers.
  • There's a great article in the freep on former Michigan basketball player Chris Young.  Chris is an amazing guy that I was lucky enough to spend some time with during his time here at Michigan.  He worked hard and played hard on and off the court.  Absolute class guy.  Also, best bachelor party I've been to (aside from maybe Bubba's).