Purdue Quick Hits

Jersey neck hole too big, or head too small?  

Jersey neck hole too big, or head too small?  

My first Michigan basketball game was Michigan vs. Purdue...but it was Chris Webber vs. Glen Robinson.  I remember that it was like an NBA game, and I remember that Johnny Cleveland was there, eating Zingerman's (and a sauerkraut and corned beef reuben) for the first time.  I think this story makes me old, but I've got that little kid feeling today as a couple of would-be role players turned heroes will be taking the court at the "house they rebuilt" for the last time.  Maybe ten years from now I will remember that today featured Trey Burke and Robbie Hummel...Michigan's amazing freshman...and a guy that was a freshman back when Gene Keady had a full head of hair.  

Things to know before you go....

  • Michigan beat Purdue by 2 in West Lafayette.
  • Partying to hard?  Purdue is short a guy, as Kelsey Barlow was removed from the program. Good bench scorer.  You never can tell what kind of effect this will have....rallying cry for a desperate team, or another nail in the coffin in one of Purdue's less than remarkable seasons?
  • DJ Byrd is back from his suspension, and is one of those guys that comes off of the bench and rains threes....which is something that we always seem to be susceptible to.
  • Hummel has been hot in his last 4 games.
  • Purdue needs this win for NCAA tourney posterity.
  • Michigan needs this win to go undefeated at home for the first time in 35 years, and to stay within a win of the Big Ten championship.

Be there...6pm...BTN.

Go Blue!