One Step Closer to Yellow Jerseys


I believe a day will come when we will look back at the absolute ridiculousness of what the Oregon Ducks have done with their gameday wardrobes over the past 10 years, and call it normal.  The Michigan - Michigan State game last year was nothing short of an in our bumblebee whites, and MSU in their "ode to Colorado State," battling it out, looking like a couple of fictional pro teams from a movie that couldn't afford to pony up the cash for the uniform rights.  But maybe I'm just getting old.  The kids seem to like this playing dress up stuff, and swoon at words like "pro-combat" and "legacy" do the players.  And nobody loves it like Dave Brandon loves it.  Let's be honest, every alternate uniform is a money grab.  Fortunately, Dave seems to be getting the picture that you have to spread these things out for them to continue to have an impact.

Michigan will wear its traditional home and road uniforms for the remainder of the regular season. 

Ya, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a impromptu last minute reveal at the Notre Dame night take that statement with a grain of salt.  

Not so bad.

All of that being said, a couple of good things have come out of this iteration of the Michigan away jersey, unveiled today for the Cowboys Classic vs. Alabama:.  First, I kinda like it.  It seems to be a step back towards normal.  I'm glad to be rid of the early 1900's striping trend we seemed to be in love with.  Second, it was made clear that the helmet number will appear for the Alabama game (even though for some reason it's not shown here)...and then disappear for the rest of the season.  That would be great.  Again, cool shit needs to be spaced out to have an impact.

Last season's practice of placing the player numbers on the famed winged helmet will be suspended after the season opener in Dallas.

Suspended?  You mean like indefinitely?  Dammit Fitz!  Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

Go Blue!