Revisiting and Reliving and Re-Getting Sick to My Stomach

#37 Visits Our House


Migrating the site to this new setup hasn't been easy.  Sure, making the pictures native to the site is time consuming, and re-formatting old posts also sucks.  But reliving 2010 has been absolutely brutal.  It's like reading Three and Out all over again...and I am dreading the fact that I have 2009 and 2008 to get through next.  And then the 2007 opener is looming large.  Perhaps I should just erase those years from history? must have made us better, stronger fans, right?  Plus, perhaps the greatest tailgate of all-time occurred in 2010.  It was UCONN, it was a victory, and we made food for the masses at an unmatchable level.  Also, Jarrett Irons was there.  

Here's a link to the game page....that's right, a game page...a not so new feature of the site that you might recognize if you've been coming here since the beginning.  It seems to organize things better.  I hope you enjoy it and the rest of the 2010 Season (now a clickable main link), at least from a tailgate perspective.

Be sure to click on the UMTailgate Tailgate Recap link on the outlines the ridiculous amount of food that we turned out that day.