What's Up This Weekend? Groundhog Day Edition


  • Michigan Hockey (8-16-2 overall) vs. Michigan State (7-16-3):  When Michigan and Michigan State meet up, you can throw out the records...and both of these teams wish they could.  This is a battle for last place in the CCHA, and there's a rematch tomorrow at the JLA.  I'm guessing they're giving tickets away on all accounts.  Puck drops at 6:35pm at Yost, and this shitfest will be televised.  TV: BTN  |   Internet Radio: Here.  Head to Yost Built for some solid Michigan Hockey coverage

Groundhog Day:

  • Michigan Hockey vs. Michigan State (see above).  Puck drops at 4:05pm.  TV: FSD  |  Internet Radio: Here
  • Michigan Basketball (20-1) at Indiana (19-2).  IT'S THE BIGGEST MICHIGAN BASKETBALL GAME OF ALL TIME until you check the schedule and see that we play both Ohio State, at Wisconsin, and at MSU in the next 11 days.  Regardless, the ESPN hype machine is running with this one, so it will be a good test on a very national stage.  #1 vs. #3 nationally, tied at the top of the conference standings, gameday is there, etc, etc.  Tipoff at 9:00pm.  TV: ESPN  |  Internet Radio: Here.  UMHoops will make you smarter in the interim.

Super Bowl Sunday:

  • San Francisco vs. Baltimore:  Good number of former friends of the (Michigan) program will be on or near the field.  Touch the Banner has a nice concise roundup.  Moeller alert!  ESPN's Big Ten Blog covers all the Big Ten ties.  It's on TV, coverage starts at like 8am, game is supposed to start at 6:30pm, but I've set the over-under at 7pm.  The official Super Bowl blog is here.