OSU: An Uneducated Couch Potato Bullet Point Recap

We Beat Ohio.  76-74 in OT.

The Good:

  • Huge win.  Nearly a must win for staying in the conversation for the Big Ten regular season championship, at least as must win as must win can be on February 5th.
  • Amazing that games like this are happening in Ann Arbor.  This conference is the shit.  This team is the shit.  Where we've been to where we are....just wow.
  • Good birthday present for the 60 year old fearless leader of the Wolverines.
  • It's weird the way we typically go the way Hardaway goes.  Tonight, Hardaway was scorching hot.  He single handedly kept us in this game.
  • McGary.  He's probably the third best player on this team.  He's getting better every game.  It goes beyond just basketball...his youth and exuberance are always a spark.
  • Stauskas and G-Rob both made valiant comebacks after poor showings in the IU game.  Stauskas made two more 3's on the same amount of attempts, and Little Dog hit double figures after Saturday's 40-minute, 2 point performance.

The Bad:

  • Our uniforms. That's not maize, that's highlighter.  The inability to see names and numbers brought me back to the Outback Bowl.
  • While it was great to have Timmy nail 5 straight 3's, the fact that we may have very well been run out of the gym (our own gym) without them is a bit concerning.
  • The play to end regulation, or lack thereof, was frustrating.  Yes, Trey Burke is a spectacular talent, but the Buckeyes kept him somewhat in check (at least by the eye test).  We didn't need a fade-away three.  We needed an offensive play.  We needed something more than Louis Bullock tapping his head as the clock ran down. 
  • McGary:  Should be starting.  If someone could explain to me why he does not, that'd be great.
  • The officiating:  They missed offensive goaltending in the first half by the Buckeyes.  Also, that was a flagrant foul by Craft.  And Craft was fouled on the  final shot.  The last two cancel each other out I guess, but that doesn't make it any less craptastic.
  • The next two are on the road.....at the Badgers....at Sparty.