Theme Revealed: 11/30 Ohio State

Feels weird to be talking about the end before we've even begun. 


The pundits are predicting that this year's Michigan - Ohio game is just a prelude to a repeat in Indianapolis.  This is the last chance for a season rematch before the rich tradition of Legends and Leaders gives way to East and West, putting us in the same division as the Buckeyes.  But hey, there's no way to guarantee it won't happen some day in the future...the Big Ten, which made about 2 changes to its makeup in its 100+ year history, is now making about 10 adjustments per season.  Between adding teams, naming divisions, creating trophies, and removing Joe Paterno's name from those trophies, the only thing you can count on in the future is that there will be more changes.

Oh well, that doesn't make the last Saturday in November any less important.  Our final theme of the season will be Beef, Blazers, and Lasers.  Don your favorite unique and/or crested suit jacket.  A shirt and tie are not required (though it's not discouraged).  Feel free to go with the t-shirt under the blazer look a-la Tom Cruise in Risky Business.  Not sure what to tell the ladies to do...lady-blazer?  formal wear?  You decide.  It will be nice to be all dressed up for the 2013 Godfather Tailgating Awards.  

There will also be beef.  Brisket hash in the early morning and filet mignon in the late morning.  Also, lasers.  All day lasers.  We will bask in the technology of focused light while we chew on cow in our sport coats.  This is Michigan.