A League of Our Own

There's a funny post available based on this title hiding somewhere in my head.  Somehow.  Someway.  Probably something with a lot of pictures and photoshops of Dave Brandon's head on Garry Marshall's body, and Hoke's on Rosie Odonnell's.  It would probably go viral and make me famous on the internets.  If only there was something to inspire me.  But this team has played so uninspired, so sloppy.  So I am uninspired.  When the first half came to a close under the lights, so did all semblance of football that is fun to watch.  The second half of ND and all 8 quarters to follow have caused sore jaws from teeth grinding, wondering when the other shoe is going to drop, when the talent won't be enough to overcome the multitude of mistakes, when playing down to the level of our competition will backfire.  It's going to happen, likely sooner than later.  

The saving grace for us is that we play in the minor leagues.  If you had the pleasure of watching football over last weekend, you might have seen Iowa and Minnesota battle it out for a bronze pig, or perhaps you caught the primetime matchup between Ohio State and Wisconsin.  But if you were smart, you spent your time watching LSU and Georgia.  The difference between the SEC and the Big Ten is not small.  It's a pretty easy eye test.  Sure, on any given Saturday, perhaps the Buckeyes or Badgers or Northwestern Wildcats or perhaps even our lowly Wolverines could muster up enough of something to knock off a team from the SEC.  But imagine being a part of a schedule like the one Georgia has had to endure.  Imagine spending each week up there in the major leagues.  Hell, we are literally looking forward to the Big Ten season, like a MAC team looks forward to getting into their conference action after weathering their away game paydays across America.  Speaking of the MAC, I've got Northern Illinois in a lock in the Legends if they let them in.

With each passing year, I seem to know less.  

All of that being said, I really need to trust that this staff knows what it is doing, and they can see the same shit we're all complaining about.  If I don't trust the staff, then we're going to have to head to that dark place that I can't even fathom going to...I can't do that yet.  So...adjustments.  So...less turnovers.  So....dominate inferior opponents.  

Get me to Sparty unscathed, and then take care of the real business.  And, as always, GO BLUE.