There are few things better than the soothing sounds of Jim Nance, the constant upsets, and the sheer volume of games on Thursday and Friday of the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament.  It's even better when your team has a place in it.  When your team isn't in it, on occasion you can find solace in your successful picks.  Most of the time I'm mathematically eliminated by the first Sunday, so my enjoyment comes from the pain of others.  Rooting against your rival teams and looking for upsets that bust the most brackets is what gets me through this time of year.  That, and reports from spring practice...oh, and Harbaugh's twitter account.

There are three 3 vs 14 and one 2 vs 15 to start the dance early Thursday afternoon.  No way they all make it through unscathed.  So plan on Notre Dame, Arizona, Baylor, or Iowa State to be done before you finish your work day.

At 4:40pm it will be time to strap on your VCU gear and watch Shaka school Thad.  

You'll have to wait until 12:40pm tomorrow to see Napoleon whine about refs and tell you about how many of his players are injured or how they didn't get enough sleep last night as they get pasted by the Bulldogs.

You should take a basketball break at 8pm on Thursday and Friday to watch Michigan in the Big Ten Hockey tournament.  They play Wisconsin today, and Sparty tomorrow (hopefully).  Michigan missed out on the first round bye because Captain Michigan and Godfather went to the game last Saturday that we needed to win, but I'm pretty sure they don't ever travel to Detroit so we should be ok.