Craft Beer Party Theme Set for Home Opener Against Oregon State

Oregon State at Michigan - Theme: Craft Beer Party

Saturday, September 12, 2015 8:00am 4:00pm Ahhhh the great Northwest. Little known fact: Bubba, Stephen, and Dennis once went on the field in Corvalis.

We will celebrate the homeland of Oregon State with a Craft Beer Themed tailgate. Bring your favorite small batch brew and we'll put it on ice and act pretentious and snooty about the flavor, discussing its place of origin and the brewmaster and whatnot. Why? Because a noon kick makes for a short tailgate, and a short tailgate is not long enough to get drunk and drink bad beer.

Pastrami hash for breakfast. Some skewers of random meats for second breakfast. Let do this. Seriously, bring at least a sixer of something tasty.

The remainder of the season's themes are here.