Ahhh, the bye week.  I enjoyed mine.  You?  

Anybody see that Rutgers game?  That's how you earn a week off:  Run for nearly 500 yards through the 1 and 2 hole.  Don't allow your opponent to get any yards at all.  

Do you have any idea how much easier it is to implement new things and make improvements when you're winning like this?  Me neither.  Can't remember the last time we had a regime that learned from its mistakes let alone created wrinkles to improve on success.  I've got a feeling we are going to see some shit over these next 9 games that is going to make you feel like you never saw the first 6.  Yep, that's 15 games.  Do the math. 

Thanksgiving is coming.   

It's a main course of "avoiding letdowns" and "not looking ahead" for us at this point, with a side dish of "padding some stats" and "Jabril for Heisman" talk.  Meanwhile Jim assures us that each week is approached with that same enthusiasm...which is not so unknown anymore (just ask Rutgers).  The "game" in New Jersey was statistical and historical annihilation, the kind of anomaly that skews total season statistics, and conjures such phrases as "running up the score" even when you only go to the air three times in the second half.

It is my pleasure to announce my dear friends that Michigan, for perhaps the first time since the 90's, has established the proverbial run.  

So yes, it's us and them now.  

It feels very much like 2006 through this point in the season, though then we had a signature road win against #2 Notre Dame.  This years signature road win will have to wait until Columbus.  Even though Sparty may try to Sparty, and Iowa is still wearing App State shirts and pretending we're rivals, neither is good enough be a "signature," nor smart enough to write their signature (rim shot).

There's a couple of small bumps in the road along the way, and there will be a scare or two I'm sure, but we seem to be on a collision course to face off for the coveted spot of "better than everybody else except Alabama," which when looked back on in 50 years by the participation award generation might just get us a trophy.  And sure, the West with upstart Nebraska and not-going-quietly Iowa might pose some threat, but it's tough to not see The Game as a play-in game for the playoffs.

Apologies for the pictureless, disjointed and brief posting.  I've got things to do.  Cocktails, Southern charm, and ass-whuppin's are on the menu for Saturday.  See you there.