I Fixed Notre Dame

By which I mean I fixed the pictures, posts, and historical information contained herein.  I did not fix the University of Notre Dame, its football program, that Brian Kelly is a dick, or the sad fact that he killed a kid.

We never got to say a proper goodbye to Notre Dame.  The series ended by their hand through a rude passing of a note from their AD to our "DB" right before a kickoff a season prior.  It's chronicled well in Endzone, so go read all about it there.  We were a little scatterbrained as the series ended in South Bend with one of the worst losses in Michigan history.  We went right to commencing our fanbase mission to rid Schembechler Hall of Hoke and Brandon, and forgot to even flip a bird on the way out of town.

So in the interest of closure, I present the best of the photographic evidence of the 13 matchups over the 16 seasons of UMTailgate.com:

2002:  Notre Dame 25, Michigan 23:  It was the first time I was invited to the "Party at the Godfather's," and the first time he provided T-shirts.  It was also the beginning of the "curse of the shirt."  The curse states that a loss often occurs whenever you purchase a shirt that depicts a game prior to that game actually occurring, a rule constantly broken by The Godfather.

2003: Michigan 38, Notre Dame 0: First tailgate managed out of the apartment complex where Daniel Horton choked his girlfriend, and clearly one of the most egregious overfills of a shitty coleman tailgate grill.  A clear case of professional ideas on amateur equipment.

2004 Notre Dame 28 - Michigan 20:  Back at the Godfather's for another party, another shirt, and another loss.  I am not sure why The Godmother got dressed in a bandana and sunglasses, but all I can see are Shane's manly FROSTED TIPS.

2005 Notre Dame 17 - Michigan 10 : These fellas were just starting to fall in love.

2006: Michigan 47 - Notre Dame 21 : One of my favorite wins.  Nothing better than dominating as an underdog on the road.  Also, huge turning point for these programs here as the 5 seasons after this one would see the worst combined Michigan and ND records in history. <--That's an educated guess, but I'm pretty sure.

2007: Michigan 38 - Notre Dame 0 : Love this family pic, they haven't aged a bit.  Also, the team that lost to Appalachian State beat Notre Dame 38-0.

2008: Notre Dame 35 - Michigan 17 : Rich Rod's first trip to Notre Dame ends badly.  Above, three old dudes wearing glasses.  Weird thing is, Godfather doesn't wear glasses.

2009: Michigan 38 - Notre Dame 34 : Tate had one of his only good moments before bottoming out to make room for the Denardening.  We had an embedded reporter at the Luau tailgate and a vegetarian broke down and had a baby back rib.  This was the season between the golf course and Pioneer, when we squeezed in to our little lot on Snyder.  Miss you Craig!

2010: Michigan 28 - Notre Dame 24 : Wow, we won there twice?  Had to look it up to make sure it wasn't a misprint.  Yep, Denard had over 500 yards of total offense.  Above, I am the lost Goodell brother.

2011 Michigan 35 - Notre Dame 31 : The first night game in Michigan Stadium history did not disappoint.  Actually, that's not true.  That game was a battle of ineptness for 3 1/2 quarters, and a heart attack maker the rest of the way, particularly the last 2 minutes.  But a marathon tailgate, and about the best the two of us (above) looked all day...must have been early.

2012 Notre Dame 13 - Michigan 6 :  It was wet and slippery and we had like 10 turnovers.

2013 Michigan 41 - Notre Dame 30 : Under The Lights 2 went well other than the fact that I was overserved, sprained an ankle and cracked my kneecap, and watched the bulk of the game through teary eyes.  But Beyonce by video message!

2014 Notre Dame 31 - Michigan 0 : I have literally 4 pictures from this day.  This is the best one.  We got housed.  Fire everybody.

Buh bye Fighting Irish!  We'll always have the chicken dance.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure Harbaugh is going to make you play us again, so there's that.

Go Blue!