Throwback Thursday Remembers the First Theme

The Luau is the theme that started the now 13-year history of our tailgates having a specific food and loosely policed (if not completely ignored) recommended garb.  It (and themed tailgates) made its debut at the 2003 season opener against Central Michigan.

While themes changed from year to year and game to game, the season opener always seemed to be Luau.  It kicked us off again in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.  After the horror that was the 2007 season opener, we threw out the baby with the bathwater.  Most clothing worn on that day was burned.  I left my jersey in the stadium.  Luau was not used again until 2010.  It has made a comeback in recent years, and while it's no Chappaquiddick Seafood Festival, it is certainly a favorite with its festive atmosphere and copious amounts of pig.

And with that, it is my pleasure to announce our first theme of the 2016 season.  For the opener against the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, the theme will (obviously) be Luau.  Less than 190 days away folks!  Get your coconut bras out!

Go Blue!