Michigan 72, Northwestern 70

Yuck...in the most celebratory kind of way. Before I poop on this, it's important to remember that we beat Northwestern, who hasn't sucked as much lately, and we advance. We will have a chance to play our way in to the dance(or so they say) and that's better than already knowing we are out.

The shot heard round the...er, um, well...Indianapolis? 

The shot heard round the...er, um, well...Indianapolis? 

This screen capture courtesy of @drewchallet is worth a thousand words...probably more like 100.

To say Irvin made some poor choices with regards to shot selection would be a drastic understatement. The shot above is one of them. And I'm pretty tired of Zack's split-legged front-loaded jumper. Like Michigan, it doesn't pass the eye test. Yet somehow my goat of the game became the hero, maybe because he never saw a shot he didn't like, maybe because he didn't see the gentle giant Doyle by himself under the basket, or maybe because we don't pass to Doyle anymore because he can't catch or finish.

Regardless, bad basketball. We will have to wait until tomorrow to have that late season rebirth we're all waiting for.

Crean. Friday. High noon.