Twitter Tuesday Lost an Hour but Gained an NCAA Tournament Bid

Feeling it today man.  It's like jet lag hit the whole world.  Why do we still have this?  Can't we just stay in daylight savings time permanently?


I myself prefer Judge Joe Brown, but sure, Judy's got a bit of young RBG in her, like before she ran into that bag of nickles.


We're popular. Not to sound like The Donald, but this year's First Four is going to be the GREATEST FIRST FOUR OF ALL TIME.




The reaction, which was really a reaction to finally seeing it on TV about 20 minutes after the bracket leaked...


If we're friends in real life, by which I mean social media, then you've probably seen this. Actually, you've probably seen this anyway at this point, but that doesn't change the fact that I want to take the time to say "F&ck this asshat."


I embarrassingly fell for this tweet. I was "that guy." I have no excuse. A random dude had to tweet me that it was in fact a joke. Somehow, he got me with the "Wow." Perhaps my cluenessness is due to the fact that I have been suffering from Ricky Doyle disease (the apnea one, not the one that makes you go all butterfingers all the time). Anyway, funny stuff.


Then there was this...

Which was in response to this...

So yes, I just made fun of Izzo's mom.