Weekend Roundup is Ready for Some Futbol

  • A Brandon-era holdover is rearing it's European head this summer.  I feel like the word Stalin should be shoehorned into that last sentence.  Anywho, Real Madrid vs. Chelsea is a thing apparently, and it will take place in The Big House on July 30.  Had a pretty good tailgate for the last one, but I hated all that red, and wasn't too impressed with my 10oz, $10, warm Guinness.  Regardless, see you there.
  • Speaking of wearing red, Jimmy and Johnny made good brothers-in-law for the Sweet 16 Indiana-North Carolina game.  Do I like it?  No.  I like it even less when it happens in Crisler.  But is it the worst thing ever?  If he shits the bed to the tune of a few 4-loss seasons in a row, we will use it as his death knell.  But for now, I defer.
  • Not one, but two Spartys will compete in the college 3-point contest during Final Four weekend in Houston.  The contest is reserved for players NOT actually in the Final Four, and these fellas were eligible early.  Very early.
  • Beilein has stayed the course with regards to recruiting, admittedly with inconsistent results.  Coach has developed the seemingly undevelopable but also been unable to break in what we thought were sure things.
  • Football rented out Ford Field for a day and invited the public in to watch a practice.  Pretty cool.  My short and uneducated analysis is that Quinn better be ready to kick, O'Korn is not a lock, and the running game looks really good when the defense can't go full tackle.  In other news, the Wheatley clan hasn't missed a meal in a while, father or son it seems, but that tackle-eligible-looking mass of athlete Tyrone Wheatley Jr. made a nice one handed grab on Saturday, summoning ooohs and ahhhs from the Maize and Blue faithful in the house that Calvin Johnson deserted.
  • Not a good month to be a Spartan.  Mateen.  Draymond.  MTSU.

Go Blue.  It's softball season.