Weekend Roundup Knows What it Will Take for Michigan to Make the Tournament

  • To make the tournament, Michigan will need to do something different.  Maybe even zomething different.
  • We've made our bed, and now we must lay in it.  Short of wining on Sunday (which assumes winning on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) this team is destined to provide us with a set of sad and uncomfortable home games on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.  Truth is, I'm not the least bit interested in re-watching the type of basketball I endured on Saturday night.  I'm guessing the bracket makers are not looking to subject the general public to it either.
  • Some are suggesting we need a regime change.  The kindhearted Beilein loyalist in me finds that concept ridiculous.  However, the raging Harbaugh in me says fire everybody and get me the best coach money can buy.  Or get me Trump and make Michigan Basketball great again. 
After hiring Coach Trump in the upcoming offseason, Michigan will win the next seven national titles, including a historic victory over the Chinese national team in the 2022 NCAA Tournament. China, the world will learn, never beats Coach Trump.
  • The time to start thinking about football is upon us, not because it's Spring Practice, but because IT'S ALWAYS TIME TO THINK ABOUT FOOTBALL.  Mr. Cook has all your needs in one convenient post.  Of note:   "ability of [BC] safeties to play deep overage is probably the strongest point of Don Brown's most recent defense."  Shit.  Given our program motto since 1879 of death, taxes, and get burned deep, I hope he brought some techniques to share with the fellas that looked a bit inept in coverage of the one-on-one variety last year.
  • Baumgardner covers Spring Break (Practice) better than Eric Nies
...the way Harbaugh speaks with the quarterbacks and explains everything they’re seeing as it happens in real-time is rather unique. Nothing is robotic and everything is presented logically from his mouth to their ears. Not exactly from coach to player, but rather from quarterback to quarterback.
  • Harboners lasting more than 4-hours should seek medical attention.
  • I cannot believe that Larry didn't come to the Winter Reunion, especially given the fact that it was held in a little known borough of Ann Arbor known as Larrytown