We Almost Had Two Weeks Off


It's tough to beat any team 3 times.  We were starting cold...Iowa played last night.  Iowa shot the lights out in the first half.  Mo fouled out.  Rahk fouled out.  We couldn't hit free throws, going 18-32 from the line.  We couldn't hit a three, going 3-19 from deep.  Matthews blew some bunnies.  We were out-rebounded.  We got in foul trouble.

And the cherry on top?  Zavier had one of those 5-second calls that have to be followed by a game tying 3...and the basketball gods obliged for Iowa, sending the game to OT.

In OT, a Duncan Robinson three was the ONLY field goal made by the Wolverines in the entire 5 minutes.  And despite all of these things...and it looked even worse than the sum of those things mind you...Michigan managed to win by 6.

It made no sense.  A little of this, a little of that, a little Teske, a dunk by Poole.  But it was not enough, except that it was.  Weird.  I don't know how they won, and neither do they.

So it's revenge time with Nebraska.  This is not going to be easy, and despite the fact they are the 4 and we are the 5, the fact remains that we are in the dance and they are not.  They need this, we do not.  The only motivation Michigan has going for it is that Nebrasketball handed us our ass in Lincoln.  That and the bullshit 1997 Coaches Poll.