This Baby Gorilla Has the Worst Bracket

Notre Dame 2006 047.jpg

101 brackets entered, and not counting the guy that literally let his two-year old select the picks in his bracket entitled "My Two-Year-Old's Picks," our worst bracket comes to us from an old friend, Baby Gorilla.  For those that do not know or remember him, before his manhood got clipped, Baby Gorilla endured several seasons of Michigan tailgating and was a road trip staple, where he was known for sleeping 23 of the 24 hours on any given day, and once forcefully vomited up a stack of Dinkytown blueberry pancakes into a ditch on the side of a road in Minnesota. 

Baby Gorilla doesn't really like Michigan State, but he likes their women, who typically have a moral compass that performs similarly to one you would find on the island in Lost.  He continues to pick Michigan State, year after year, even though they haven't won a National Championship since back when he was dealing rocks in Colonial Village.  He probably shows his bracket to his wife, she smiles and pats him on the head and gives him the big piece of chicken and rubs his belly.  He's happy, the Earth (that he is almost certain is flat) continues to be semi-circled by the sun, and all is well.

So here it is, in all its glory, the worst bracket through the first weekend:


Of note, for those participating in the tournament challenge, half the field still has a chance to take first place, so you might think your bracket is busted, but things are so jacked up in reality that you probably are still in check the standings, particularly the best results.


Also, Thursday vs Manziel.  Woot.

Go Blue!