How the West Can Be Won


The dust has settled from selection Sunday.  Sparty took a second look at their bracket and has decided it’s not so bad until they play Duke.  Michigan fans are giddy with the “favored until Gonzaga and Gonzaga rarely makes it that far” scenario they find themselves in.  Is Duke the only thing in the way of a 4th time is the charm scenario?

I feel so damn confident...which is a surefire sign of impending doom, or at least chaos.  Here’s hoping that chaos will be around us, not bestowed upon us.

Last time they disrespected the Big Ten by not giving them a purportedly deserved 1-seed, that team went out and shit the bed in a historic manner.  That same team is doing a lot of whining today, and instead they should probably be thinking about the Braves.

Meanwhile back in Ann Arbor, we’ve taken a “we don’t match up well” approach to the thrice beating by Little Bro, which is sad, or optimistic, or something other than reality, which is that this team, who was the last to lose, who manhandled NC and Villanova, and who had only 3 losses to non-Nasser based teams, has problems that need to be solved.  

And in the words defensive genius 80% of the time Don Brown, I think we can solve those problems with aggression.

More Teske, a little Castleton...some post stuff.  Settle for the off chance of getting blocked inside rather than an off balance three or stupid long two. I refuse to believe we can’t get it down low.  And more Livers in general.  And more plays to get Poole open.  And score more points.  And give up less points.  And let me speak to the team before games.

And I’ll see you bastards in Minny.