Coast to Coasting

Junfu Han / Detroit Free Press

Junfu Han / Detroit Free Press

Not sure why there was any concern about not being in The D to start the tourney.  All things being equal, Michigan is going to have more people in any given arena than the opponents.  Michigan owned NYC a couple weeks back, sent a hoard to Wichita, and now owns LA.  Unfortunately, as I have spoken about before, the tenacity and vigor of the nationwide fan didn't inspire the locals to give 100% at Crisler this year.  But that shit is water under the bridge now.  The blue hairs will be charging through the snow in their rascals next year to get to the games.

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Michigan dispatched of TAMU in about 5 minutes of real time, and I'm convinced refs called fouls to get to the TV timeouts, otherwise the whole game would have taken about 45 minutes.  TAMU flirted with getting the deficit under 20, and I think they actually did manage to cut it to 18 late.  They also had some huge powerful dunks, and each time they clung to the rim for an extra moment, flexed, or yelled, I could hear the echoes of John Beilein's voice reminding the team that no matter how colossal, those dunks are only two points.  Michigan would hang 99, and TAMU head coach Billy Kennedy looked absolutely shell shocked from tip to buzzer.  Michigan shot at a clip that TAMU had not experienced since 2001.

39-63 overall, 14-24 from 3, 7-8 free throws.  The offense showed up.  And when it does, there's nobody that can beat this team.  Nobody.

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Michigan moves on to their 3rd Elite 8 in 6 seasons, a type of success that is rarified air, and to be respected.  In short, we don't appreciate John Beilein enough.  He is our basketball Bo, and with just 3 more wins, he'll accomplish something that even Bo did not.

This is friggin' fun.  

Go Blue!