Day One is Done. I'm with Stafford.

Solid amount of craziness in the early sessions, followed by some great finishes in the evening.  All in all a great first day in Bracketville.  Justin (AKA Mr. Princess) is at the top of the points and points possible leaderboard, which is about as good as it gets after a pair of 3-seeds go down.

I think we'll lose one of the 2-seed teams today, and I feel like the 5-12's might just go chalk, which I guess is a non-upset upset.

Of course, I only have one real rooting interest for today (and with me going 8 of 16 in my bracket who can blame me) and that's for the Bulldogs.  If you listen carefully you will hear the echoes of me bellowing out northern accented renditions of "Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em" nestled between chants of "SEC! SEC! SEC!."  I can't wait to see Izzo's angry little dwarf face.

Then the puck drops at 8pm at the Joe for Michigan-Michigan State in the Big Ten tournament semi-finals.  So there's that.  Go Blue.

2015 Tournament Challenge

The baby is me.  The kit kat was the  2014-15 season basketball tickets I ordered.  The spoon of shit is the season.

The baby is me.  The kit kat was the  2014-15 season basketball tickets I ordered.  The spoon of shit is the season.

Well folks, here we are.  4 months without a post.  Not a peep.  I promise nothing, and I don't know what's going to happen here in the future, but in the interim I offer you the only thing I have ...blank brackets.  Yours to fill in however you please in an attempt to show your picking prowess and get some fame from the 15 daily remaining visitors to this dying internet outpost for Michigan tailgating.  

Brackets are here.  Need the password?  Shoot an email to

I love and miss you all and look forward to Harbaughing my ass off with you in the fall.



That One Bracket

Just home from Indy and still licking my wounds, I decided to check on the brackets to see who wins for each of the 8 remaining scenarios of the Final Four.  It's always a fun part of the tournament, with typically 5 or 6 people still having a chance at 1st.

But not today.  

For the first time since I've been running a pool, which is 25 years, all that's left to decide going in to the Final Four is 2nd and 3rd place.  So bow down folks, and congratulations Chris Grant.

And here are the scenarios...

And that's it folks.  Congrats to the winners.  More on the Wolverines run later when I recover.  Go Blue!