We Own...Penn State

JoPa Stuck In Unhappy Valley
Michigan's defense was the story (at least the on field story) at Beaver Stadium on Saturday as the Wolverines posted their first shutout of the season and the first home doughnut for the Lions since 1965. Despite continued suspect play by the secondary, Michigan's defensive front only allowed 25 rushing yards yards on 26 carries and forced 3 turnovers to seal the victory. BJ Askew continued to impress with 122 yards on the ground, though the offense sputtered early and often in the red zone. An amazing catch by Marquis Walker for a first-half ending touchdown was the turning point in a ho-hum game, as the #12 Wolverines improved to 2-0 in conference and 4-1 overall.

Dishing It Out... and an Unexpected Shower for the Webmaster
We came, we saw, we talked trash...alot of it. The UMTailgate.com megaphone was in full effect the whole weekend, especially at the pre-game tailgate. We updated neighboring tailgaters about every 15 minutes on the weather, the time, our web site, and the state of PSU football. A late visit by the University of Michigan Superfan was a real treat for me...I've always wanted to chat with this marvel of a modern fan that attends just about every Michigan sports event...not just football. He bestowed his wisdom and the secret of his success with our tailgating group which can be summed up simply as... "Know what your priorities are... and DON'T GET MARRIED."

Under intense pressure early Saturday morning by the 'older' tailgaters in our group, I chose to not shower in support of a quicker exit from the house.... Not long after Superfan's exit, and in the melee of attempting to gather for the group picture, the megaphone trash talking became too much for a disgruntled Penn State fan who proceded to give me the shower I needed in the form of tomato juice. The family rushed to my side as I travelled into enemy territory armed with a belly full of Captain Morgan to confront the brainless drunken jackass. A shouting and shoving match ensued that ended with us deciding to go to the game over going to jail. The UMTailgate.com family were the bigger men on this day, both in brains and in gerh.

Camp Counselors Make Travelling Squad
Several people were on their first trip to State College. T-Bone, Tuba, Amy (AKA Mrs. Hasler), and the beautiful Camp Counselors of Ann Arbor's Summer Fantasy Camp, Lisort and Emit (pictured above) made the trip a memorable (and educational) one. We stormed the campus on the eve of gameday to little resistance from the student body, and only slight resistance from local police that cornered us despite my exceptional attempt to outrun them.

Captain Michigan Wins the Bin Lotto
Sunday is as good of a day as any, as the US and Great Britain began their assault on Afghanistan at 12:30pm EST. UMTailgate.com Hall of Famer Captain Michigan was the lucky holder of 'Sunday' in the pool, and will collect the prize money and most likely turn it directly over to Janet.

Special thanks go out to Gar and his gang at Gar's World for their generous hospitality and use of their Winnie. Gar - Sorry we missed you Saturday night...we all passed out... See you Saturday and GO BLUE!