Michigan Football...Balls Out Victory

Spurrier Sighting on Sidelines

With about three minutes to go in the first quarter, the Michigan offense had amassed negative total yards for the game, John Navarre had been sacked several times and looked like a deer in headlights. It looked so bad that when Gonzales came in at quarterback for the Wolverines, most thought that it was replace Navarre for good. He threw a pass about three yards behind the line of scrimmage to Marquis Walker, who then threw the ball back to Gonzales downfield for a 51 yard gain. That play set up a 21 yard touchdown pass...not from Navarre, not from Gonzales....but from Walter Cross. Later, after stuffing the Illini in their own territory on fourth and inches, the game was all Wolverines.

The Hall of Fame

Prior to the Michigan victory, a ceremony took place at the tailgate. One of the founding fathers of The Tailgate, Larry "Captain Michigan" Goodell, had his leg wrestling belt retired. In addition, his name was stitched into UMTailgate history on a banner that will be flown at all future tailgates. UMTailgate.com honors Captain Michigan as the first tailgater inducted into the UMTailgate.com Hall of Fame.

JoPa Awaits Huge Road Trip

One of the largest road trips outside of the state will occur next week, as UMTailgate.com takes a travelling squad of 15+ out to State College, PA. In a scene that will may rival the Real World, 15 people will attempt to co-exist in a house 1.4 miles from Beaver stadium.

Bin Lotto Rolls Over

In more patriotic news, all of the participants in the Bin Lotto added to the pot, which now totals $140.