Tears For Western...No Gas Necessary

Love That MAC

It started with a moment of silence, had a patriotic joint band performance in the middle, and a touchdown that really pissed me off at the end. Michigan trounced the Broncos, 38-21. Let us not break our arms patting ourselves on the back quite yet though. The offense was stagnant, the playcalling at times was atrocious, and the secondary had more huge holes than you might see Wednesday night at Rick's...giving up 300+ passing yards. Much improvement is necessary before our Big Ten opener next week against a quarterback that is actually good.

From Ground Zero to Ann Arbor...

Yes folks, not wanting the tragedy to hinder his goal of attending all of this years Michigan games, my good friend Bill made it in from New York City this week. Just wanted to take a second and recognize his portrayal of "The Great Michigan Spirit". We all look forward to seeing you and Tuba make it in next week!

Also, I want to recognize first-time tailgater, first-time gamer, and frequent UMTailgate.com visitor Don Junior, who was amazed at the spirit and love he observed from what he could describe only as 'a family'. He was in awe of the fact that there were more band members on the field at halftime than you could fit in his hometown's miniscule Wrigley Field. I think we might have turned an old Illini fan to Blue.

Our Patriotic Duty...Gone Bad

The game ended and we reconvened at the golf course. After regaining our buzz, someone (to remain nameless) came up with a tremendous idea. We used our game score pool numbers to make a new pool. Each number 1 through 7 represented a day of the week. We drew the numbers from the bucket, and put in $10 each. The person who has the day of the week that corresponds to the day that the U.S. launches a counter-attack in any country wins the pool. Even better...if the counter attack results in the death or capture of Bin Laden...each person throws in another $5 to that person. An unprecedented event such as this can only be called....... The Bin Lotto.

See you next week!