Cheesy: Michigan 20, Wisconsin 17

Behold the Power of Special Teams

I had more fun grasping the udders of a 20 foot tall cow with my mouth full of cheese curds than I had watching the brutal performance of the Wolverines on Saturday. Two blocked punts and a bouncing ball gave the game to the 8-2 Wolverines, 20-17. The post-game catch phrases included 'a win is a win' and 'we were owed one'... sounds like BCS material to me. The Wolverines were leap-frogged by the Illini in both polls, and we just are not the same team that beat up the Illini 45-20 in the Big House back in September. Are we getting worse every week? Or is just John Navarre getting worse every week?

In any case, we need to take everything we know about the 2001 Wolverines and throw it out the window. It's Buckeye week, and a little rookie coach made a prediction 10 months ago. Time to take care of business.